These are projects I'm working on here and there. Some I have built in CAD 3D
Some just on grid paper, and others have been built into rough steel prototypes.

Wolverine Claws

Have a prototype 1/2 built. Leather Motorcycle Gloves, Wrist brace
Automatic extention/retraction, 8" blades when extended.

Wrist Spike

Have a prototype built, working on making it better.
Wrist support, 6" spike steel when extended. Looks like normal wrist support.

The Needle

Out~the~front stiletto from the movie "Eye of the Needle".
Just got the blueprints. I'll see what I can do.

Automatic Forearm Blade

Working on it.
Something realistic, strong, hidden, fast, easy, and worthy.

Magnetic Automatic Knife

I hold the patent pending for this knife I designed.
Trying to figure out a better locking design.

Thanks for Looking

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